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The Essentials for Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

The barrier to entry for starting a marketing business 25 years ago was enormous. The overhead to construct such an organization in a primitive digital landscape was intimidating, and it was practically impossible without an initial expenditure. You could only use traditional media and the problems that came with all but inventing something that approximated ROI for your clients, on top of the beginning fees. It was unavoidable to be “in the red” for a long time.

The world has changed.

It’s not hard to imagine a smart individual or small team launching a completely functional marketing agency from the ground up in a matter of months (with a little help, of course).

Digital advertising consumes more of a company’s marketing budget than ever before, and everyone wants a piece of the action. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the five stages you’ll need to do to start an online marketing firm from scratch (believe me, I’ve been there).

Develop the Skills You’ll Need

If you’re a narcissistic Gen Zer with lofty plans to become Neil Patel as soon as you have your education, you’re likely to fail terribly.

No one can match your creativity and wit. Anyone who is not equipped and experienced to cope with the complexities of account management and customer relationships will soon be looking for work. A person’s ability to learn essential skills may vary. Regardless, I think you should have a real job before going it alone.

In reality, workplaces are significantly more complex than we imagine. Everything from the structure to the culture, product, and leadership affects your day (and career). You are mixing verbal and nonverbal communication and politics to reckon with.

Before you master digital marketing, you need to know what it’s like to work alongside your clients. This will result in you being a more empathetic and well-rounded professional. You’re not going to take it personally if your clients are worried and transferring that onto you.

Work as a contractor before starting your own business.

A job that pays well and permits us to get brain surgery without racking up lifetime debt is taken for granted. Working for oneself has a laundry list of risks that could fill a blog page. Building a firm from scratch before going full-time reduces a lot of that risk. The most significant reason to do contract work while working full-time is

It permits you to go solo without too much risk.

Starting side projects gives you a taste of being an entrepreneur. From invoicing to tax planning, owning your own business has its perks.

Create the Best Business Model

A digital marketing agency can take several forms. As your business grows, so does the importance of the services you provide and how you price for them.


Many consultants charge by the hour due to their one-on-one time with clients, whether on the phone or in person. This payment approach grows confusing with longer and more complex services.

The time spent on digital marketing for a single client varies greatly and will continue to do so. This includes setting up and launching new campaigns or promotions, rearranging accounts, making calls, and maintaining something working for them.

It’s impossible to specify “X” hours per week. So that’s how I’ll charge you. Consumers may become skeptical if they wonder how long certain actions take each week. I would avoid hourly charges unless you offer one-on-one consulting.

The flat retainer

The flat retainer is the simplest cost choice. Together, you and the customer decide on a monthly flat rate for the customer’s labor and the associated costs.

Aside from its ease, it eliminates any friction when it comes to sending out invoices. The client understands exactly how much it will cost, and if you meet their expectations, they will gladly pay.

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